Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Birthday CKW!

My baby turned 6 on Tuesday, September 25. How did that happen? SIX!! That sweet baby girl came into our lives on a beautiful fall day, surprising us all with her arrival almost 3 weeks early. We tell her she just wanted to come out because she heard all the fun her older siblings were having and wanted to join in. She is our third child, our second daughter. Blessed with an older brother and sister, she completes our party! She was born exactly two weeks after 9/11 and I always take special interest in the stories about babies born in those weeks and months following 9/11 to moms who lost their husbands or partners that day. I say a silent prayer for those babies, most who are now in kindergarten, who are growing up without their dads.

She is a pipsqueak, hence why we call her pip, the pip, pippy, and pippy girl. She is a petite little thing, but filled with spunk, energy and lots of laughs. Sensitive, loving and kind, yet stubborn and fierce. All in one!! I love this little girl so very, very much and sometimes I have to stop myself from squeezing her with love and hugs. Her last six years have flown by, bittersweet for sure.

Sweet C happy, happy birthday to you my special girl!

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